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    University of Belgrade

    StoryLab Leaders

    Iris Žeželj

    Full professor

    Iris Žeželj is a full professor of social psychology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. She gained her Ph.D. in 2012. Her main area of interest is social cognition, specifically biases in memory, self-knowledge, and group perception, as well as intergroup relations. She has led and co-led international research projects on attitude change, intergroup relations, and social identity. She is currently preoccupied with epistemologically suspect beliefs, especially in the domain of health, and their relation to questionable health practices that can be deceptive or downright dangerous.

    Milica Ninković

    Academic researcher

    Milica Ninković is a PhD candidate at the Department of Psychology and a research assistant at the LIRA Lab at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Her main areas of interest follow two research lines: intergroup relations, particularly interethnic relations in a post-conflict society, and socio-psychological aspects of health behaviors. She is also engaged in teaching and science communication and co-coordinates the Youth program within the LIRA lab.

    StoryLab members – Students

    Una Branković

    Third year undergraduate

    Una Branković is a third-year bachelor’s student at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. She’s interested in exploring different topics within the fields of psycholinguistics and cognitive science, social psychology, as well as the psychology of individual differences.

    Ivana Milenković

    Third year undergraduate

    Ivana Milenković is a third-year undergraduate psychology student at University of Belgrade. Ivana is interested in researching various topics within social psychology and psychology of individual differences.

    Tamara Milić

    Third year undergraduate

    Tamara Milić is a third-year undergraduate student at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, University in Belgrade. Tamara is interested in researching various topics within the fields of psychology of individual differences and social psychology.

    Katarina Draginić

    MA student

    Katarina Draginić is a MA psychology student at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Her research interests mainly center around the fields of social cognition and biased beliefs, particularly in conspiracy theories. Apart from the research itself, she engages in the science communication activities and exploring ways to convey the importance of scientific achievements to the public.

    Natalija Jovićević

    Fourth year undergraduate

    Natalija Jovićević is a fourth-year undergraduate student of psychology at the University of Belgrade, Serbia. Her main areas of interest are in the field of psychopathology, i.e. mental disorders and unusual or maladaptive behaviors, as well as phenomena in the field of social psychology. The last year of her undergraduate studies is dedicated to clinical psychology. She is currently a participant in the youth program within the Laboratory for Research of Individual Differences.

    Nevena Stojić

    MA student

    Nevena Stojić is an MA psychology student at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade. Her main research interests include inter-group relations and conflict resolution, especially concerning disadvantaged ethnic groups in the Balkans.

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